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Companies or individuals, who have goods transportation requirements,
Ex: SME/SSI, Manufacturers, Distributors, Load Owners.

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Agencies, who manage their customer transport needs with its own inventories or by hiring.
Ex: Booking Agents, Transport Contractors & GTA’s.

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Asset/Inventory owners, who provide transport oriented services.
Ex: Truck Owners, Warehouses, machinery & equipments (i.e. earth movers, crane rental)

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Other stake holders in logistics market
Ex: Drivers, labour agencies, etc.

About Us is the marketplace to transfer your goods from anywhere at any time. We aggregate different type of transport service providers in place and help our customers will manage their entire transportation-related activities in single Dashboard. We encounter the hurdles faced by the customer with high-end technology solution and experts support. From the beginning of finding vendors, agents & contractors to closing with the settlement for them our online tool will make it easy and comfort to all of our stakeholders.